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FAMILY and FRIENDS are my priority ! "My family" includes my dogs. This is BITNEY, she is 17 yrs old here. She was the beginning of my Australian Cattle Dog breeding program. I lost her several yrs ago. She was almost 19 yrs old. The ACD holds the world record for the oldest ( recorded )living dog in the world . I miss her VERY much !


This is Rollie, she was my first English Bull Dog. I acquired Rollie through my behavior work. She came to me as an out of control, dominating , skate board , bike chasing problem. She changed my life ! She too has gone to dog heaven. = (  Part of owning dogs is also loosing them.


My English Bull Dog ELLIE


This is my Chihuahua. We actually have three of these little guys and they all co-mingle with our American Mastiffs. This little girl is Mae-Belle AKA Mae Mae. She is about 4 lbs. This was a rescue, well if you call a 250.00 purchase a rescue. The family selling her followed us into the parking lot, said " we have Chihuahua puppies want to see them? " I said "no thank you" when all of a sudden the little girl in the truck was throwing the puppy in the air, up and down , up and down. I snatched that little flea bitten, abused puppy handed over the 250.00 and went home. Oh gosh I thought, what have I done ? anyway, she is mine and I LOVE HER TO PIECES !!! She runs with the big dogs and has only added her lill 4 lb body to my heart. She still has issues with being held, slowly but surely she is showing signs of improvement and starting to trust. She is now 3 yrs old.



Our three girls. Home schooled for 8 yrs , our  older daughter is now attending the Modesto JC , studding AG Business, child developement and behavior, our other two are in highschool.


This is my Sammy. He belongs to my sister but he has my heart ! He recently moved to Minnesota and I miss him and his brother soooo much. Cian is his brother and my other heart thief.


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This is me and my BullDog "ELLIE" at Christmas and the picture above is a photo of myself with 3 of my brothers 5 Children. Emmy MAtt and Addy.


My Fam, my three girls, my Mom and all of my nephewes and neices. Well almost all of them.


Behavior is my passion and Ethology is my life !

Hello, my name is Cameran.I have been raising and working with dogs since 1978. I have run an all breed rescue and still do since I was a little girl.I have worked with the Animal control, Crest Field kennels, I own my own boarding, training and correction facility,I am a behavioral specialist of 29 yrs specializing in aggression correction and bad behavior correction and I am an approved AMBC ( American Mastiff Breed Council ) breeder of the American Mastiffs.I am also an approved AKC CGC certified evaluator.
My Passion is dogs and my life and program are based on Ethology. Ethology is the study of dogs / animals in their natural environment. All of my training and behavior work is guided by my studies,my experiences and my learned knowledge about dogs in their natural surroundings. I pride on training dogs, correcting dogs and helping people to better understand how the dogs mind work as well as how they perceives us and our actions.Dogs are my life Ethology is my passion !
              A bit of info on the American Mastiff is a breed like all breeds that was created by crossing different breeds to create a dog that would carry breed characteristics and standards that accommodated a specific liking and or purpose. The American Mastiff was originally bred by Fredrika Wagner in Piketon OH. She cross bred the English Mastiffs with the Anatolian Mastiff resulting in a dog very similar to the English Mastiff. The English mastiff is known to be one of the oldest breeds in history.
    Why did Fredericka cross these two breeds? Well both breeds are beautiful. The English is a very laid back hang out kind of dog with a wonderful disposition and they were commonly used as companions and guard dogs. The Anatolian Mastiff is a livestock guardian dog used for the protection of farmers livestock on small farms.Both dogs having similar characteristics offered beauty and guardianship. Fredericka produced her first litter and thats how it started. The cross of the two breeds was a positive thing because it created a dryer mouth Mastiff and a healthier gene pool. Commonly asked , Do the AMs drool? Yes, I think all dogs drool, but by crossing the two breeds it did put an end to the " sit around drooling " The AM will drool after drinking, while watching you BBQ and will froth at the mouth while exercising but they typically don't sit in the living room while watching TV with the family and drool. The English Mastiff breeders have done a good job with their breeding programs with regard to drooling. The English drool a lot less now than back in the day, but understand that the English Mastiffs offer that very cute " dumpy face. The English Mastiff standard states a loose jowl. The AMs have a tighter face or jowl which lessens the drool factor.The AMs are a more athletic dog,love water and to go for walks,dog parks and beaches.  All dogs are different but with years of breeding most responsible breeders work hard to better their program as well as working hard to hold the breed standards.The breed standard is similar to the 10 commandments in the dog world. one that adopts a Pure bred dog also expects a high breed standard. Appearance, size and temperament.
     The question often comes up about health. Another good reason for the cross, (now a pure breed and recognised by the CKC as of 2000) the American Mastiff to date hasn't any consistent genetic faults.Do they have genetic faults? Yes . Are they consistent? No. The AMBC keeps a close and well managed data base of health records for the AMs and all of the breeders programs. The AMBC has 4 quarterly meetings and 1 yearly meeting in OH. We meet for two days and discuss everything about our breed , the good and the bad. All reports of health are discussed and recorded in the health data base.The average lifespan for an AM is 10-14yrs that is if the dogs are managed and cared for properly.Weight management is key to a healthy AM. 
     Before breeding my AMs I raise them to 2 yrs old sometimes 2.5. The whole time from birth to 2 / 2.5 yrs old they are trained and temperament tested, they are also vet checked , have radio-graphs on hips, elbows and knees and get their eyes examined. Only good results will bring a dog  into the breeding program here at Capell Creek Ranch, in hopes to carry on their wonderful traits and gene pool.I do not hesitate to pull a dog or bitch from my program if they are not to breed standard and quality. I am proud to say that after having produced 6 generations, my dogs are going strong with both their health and temperament. I am the one picking the offspring  that continues my program and only do I breed the dogs that offer everything that I want in a dog. Great temperament's, good health and beauty.
      Rescue ? Another question often asked of the AM breeders. All of the AMBC breeders have their own contracts and agreements and you should always speak to several breeders before deciding where you will be adopting your AM from.My contract is strict and to be fulfilled  understood. If a puppy or dog does not work out for any reason, it is agreed on by both parties that the puppy / dog is to return to the ranch.
     Aggression ? Another question often asked. I can not speak for the other breeders and again , its very important to do your home work. I personally work very hard to put temperament as my #1 goal. After all the breed was bred to be a family dog. Who wants an aggressive 140 + lb family dog?  I am a behavioral specialist of 29yrs,and I am a student at the Penn Foster College of dog behavior and training. I take great pride in what I do. I have run an all breed rescue since 1978.I have personally worked with many breeds in the past 30 yrs as well as AMs that were considered to be aggressive.Last year alone I took in 6 AMs that were supposedly "Aggressive" out of 6 AMs evaluated not one of them was deemed aggressive.I have evaluated Pits, Rots,all breeds of small or toy breeds,shepards,Boxers you name it.
   The American Mastiffs are instinctive guardians and if they think for a second that you don't have things under control they will take the wheel. Guaranteed.If you are a strong leader this is your breed.If your a push over , reconsider !Ams Love their job and if you allow them that position you will loose yours !
     All dogs have instinctive and innate behaviors regardless. If specific behaviors are supported, complimented and or encouraged even overlooked the behavior will advance or become stronger often leading to poor and unacceptable behaviors and or aggression. Sometimes and very often, I will visit a family to evaluate their dog that they claim is aggressive or has behavior problems and come at no suprize its not the dog with the bad behaviors. Again if an instinctive behavior is allowed it will progress. So when you hear about an AM that is " Aggressive " any breed for that matter,don't make the quick judgement or assumption that the dog ( breed ) is truly aggressive nor at fault. Thats like blaming a passenger in your car for an accident.Your driving ! If you crash , its your fault !!!!
     All of the breeders have their own personalities, morals and integrity.  Aggression is often misread and or even gone overlooked. What matters most to me is that your family has a great experience and if you choose to adopt an AM that you get the best dog in the world. That is my goal for anybody adopting a puppy from Capell Creek.I have been breeding and working with dogs all of my life and will continue to do so with pride.
        I hope that this page is found to be helpful. Remember, take everything that you hear with a grain of salt, ask the breeders( several breeders ) and remember,  If you can raise a good kid , you can raise a good dog, and if you can raise a good dog you can raise a good kid = ) Behavior is my passion and Ethology is my life.  CGP



Gosh where do I start? Well My love for God my kids all kids,my husband,soccer ,4-H and of course my dogs have always been my favorite things in my life. As a little girl I remember getting my very first Dog Encyclopedia. I learned every dog breed in the book in about 2 days and that was in between soccer games and babysitting. As a little girl my favorite dog breeds were the Golden Retriever, Labs and Cocker Spaniels. We were a big hunting family ( still are, although I don't kill anything, I just take pictures ) My Mother in Law calls me the animal whisperer.( and that was before Cesar ! Smile Anyway I guess I am going to have to cut this as short as possible. I grew up in the country and we always had at least 5 dogs. My very first dog was a little fluffy dog and I begged my Dad to get him for me.He did : )  His name was Rufas and I was 6.5 yrs old. And thats all she wrote !. My goal as a child was to have 1 of every breed. I have had , labs ( Remmi ), Goldens( Miles and Winnie), Ridge-back,( Ziek)Huskies( Sugar and Touras),Sheppard's( Wolfie ), Shitzues/ Laso ( Rufas), Rots,(Rugar) Norwich,( Uno ) Hounds ( Jake , Sissy )Bulldogs (Rollie Dory and Ellie ) Cattle Dogs ( to many to name ) Chihuahuas ( Princess, MayBelle and Josiah) Pits ( Sugar,Tina and Jazz )My American Mastiffs ( Kushali,Athena,Kimiah, Molly, Juno,Kali,Akuna,Kimaih,Mekennah,Koah,Tansy,Catory,Capelli 1,Thira,Amadeus,Cash,Casinova,Ben,Carri ,Valentino Ben & Jerry,Capelli 2,Karma and more.. Yeah there are more but I am cutting it short.
  In Short, I stared breeding at a young age, Mom started teaching me about breeds and everyday rules, like Don't pick the first one that you see ! Started breeding , breeding lead to rescue, 20+ years of rescue ( and on going )as a non profit ( DBA Red Dog Kennels and rescue) With rescue comes bad behaviors and with bad behaviors you cant place the dogs in new homes. That then lead to my behavior work, I started rehabilitating dogs for re homing.I found that the aggressive dogs were the biggest challenge for me, I love a challenge ! I received my first bite at about 9 yrs old. This lab / Shepard dog growled at me and he was tied up. I was pooped out and grumpy, just got finished getting cows in, hopped off of my pony and this dog lashed out at me , I told him with a good hand shaking " at 9 yrs old and about 50 lb soakin wet "Sit Down and be Quiet !"Well he didn't like that so he bit a 3 inch X 3 inch hole out of my left arm.Darn near the same shape and size as an eye socket. Could see the whole inside of my arm. Ewwwww. After it was all said and done, I knew that with that bite that I was going to save the dog world from all of the nasty Biting dogs. So I started raising biting dogs, Australian CattleDogs. LOVE the breed. I raised and rescued ACD's for20 years and still own a couple to date. After the challenge of the ACD's I needed a new breed. Did I mention that before the Cattle dogs and after the rescue I also raised hound dogs? not for long, not my breed!Goldens, yep Not my breed either ! So while still running the rescue and now boarding dogs I was training and my name was getting out there for my behavior work. Well then came marriage and soon after our beautiful girls ( 3 of them ). I was needing a new.ventured out and found the AMs.I Loved the idea that the American Mastiffs was a controlled and protected breed. So I contact Fredericka Wagner. She was thankful for my passion for her breed and respected my background but the AMBC was not excepting new breeders. Well as I said , I love a challenge. I pulled together ALL of my history, recommendations, clientele letters of Thanks, pictures etc and sent it with no notice to Connie Hammond, the Vice Pres of the AMBC. She soon after contacted Fredericka and Fredericka contacted me. She said" You are just what this breed needs !" I said "really ?" Let me think about it : ) OK ummm let me think about it mmmmmmmmmm! Ok Laughing So thats when it all began with my breeding the American Mastiffs. I am a behavioral specialist ,I home school my kids, I coach  club soccer and the JV girls soccer team @ Justin Sienna High School,I play on an indoor womens over 30 league( should be in an over 40 league), 4-H leader 28 yrs , involved in our 4-H camp program, I am married ( 23 years now, to a wonderful man ) I collect horses, yes the alive kind,and love to hang with my family especially my nephew's and Nieces  and well, I hate to bore you any further. Thats pretty much my life in a nut shell. Oh yeah , I board dogs, train dogs and avoid people . Not really just some times. I don't like mean people or dumb people. Guess thats why I so appreciate my dogs, they are neither mean or dumb. Thank you for taking your time to read my info.....



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